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Wireless Testing


The Potter-Randall 911 GIS Team initiates an annual wireless testing plan to meet the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements for all wireless carriers within Potter and Randall Counties.

The FCC requires wireless carriers using the Network Solutions Technology (triangulation) to locate 95% of calls within 300 meters and 67% of calls within 100 meters.  Wireless carriers using the Handset Solutions (GPS) are required to locate 95% of calls within 150 meters and 67% of the calls 50 meters.

The PR911 GIS Team tests towers serving all the 9-1-1 call centers or Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) within our District:

Amarillo Emergency Communications Center (AECC)
Randall County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO)
Potter County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO)
West Texas A&M University Police Department (WTAMUPD)

There are currently 103 cell tower locations within the District. 54 towers are in Potter County and 49 towers are in Randall County.  Most towers have three sectors.  The GIS Team tests each sector of every tower annually to make sure calls are routed to the proper PSAP with voice and accurate location information.


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