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Addressing Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I call the 9-1-1 District for an address?


The Potter-Randall 9-1-1 Communications District is the rural addressing authority in Potter and Randall County outside the five-mile ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) of the city of Amarillo. Any property outside the ETJ and within Potter or Randall County should call Potter-Randall 9-1-1 ECD to establish an address.


Why does the City of Amarillo address outside the city limits?


The City of Amarillo maintains addressing within a five-mile radius (ETJ) outside the city limits to accommodate for future growth and expansion. 


Why do I need a 9-1-1 address?


9-1-1 addresses are attached to telephone records so that when 9-1-1 is dialed, a location will be displayed for emergency services. Therefore, if the caller is unable to speak or give the call-taker driving instructions, they can still be located on a map. Also, the location of the telephone determines how the call is routed. For instance, if the call originates from inside the city limits of Amarillo, the system sends the call to the Amarillo Emergency Communications Center; if the call originates outside the Amarillo city limits in Potter County, the call is sent to the Potter County Sheriff’s Office; if the call is outside the Amarillo city limits in Randall County the call is sent to the Randall County Sheriff’s Office. From there, the call can be transferred to the appropriate responding fire or EMS agencies. 


How do I post my address?


Display your address on your house or driveway entrance so that numbers are visible from the road.  This will enable emergency service personnel to easily identify the location of your residence.  Use reflective numbers of contrasting color that are at least three inches (3”) tall.


Whom do I call if I don’t live in Potter or Randall County?


If you live in the Texas Panhandle, please call the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission at:
(806) 372-3381 or www.theprpc.org



Request an Address


Within Potter and Randall Counties the Potter-Randall 9-1-1 Emergency Communications District is the addressing authority outside the five-mile ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) of the city of Amarillo, Texas.


To request an address fill out the form below or contact our office at (806) 374-9800 ext. 109

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